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New Navetta 73, a successful course

Navetta73 25The worldwide success of Absolute’s “Navetta” family does not satisfy the creative flair of the Absolute designers, who have already accomplished the development of the new flagship model.

A journey into the desires of the hugest sea lovers has lead into the birth of a new yacht, which implements concepts typical of the bigger motoryacht, offering more than 80-feet’s-units solutions, but at 73-feet-unit budget, with Volvo Penta IPS engine efficiency, which provides best performances, low consumption, unrivaled maneuvering precision, silent movement and absence of vibration.

The unique Italian design emerges thanks to the attention and the craftsmanship which characterize each boat’s detail – depicting an unrivalled profile which shows a great personality.
The aim is to win new customers, by filling in a gap in nautical market.

The unquestioned spaces liveability is the drives this ambitious project: the absolute comfort course is almost set.

The launch of the new flagship will take place in Cannes, in 2017.

Technical specification

Total length

(m) 22,38

(ft) 73 5"


(m) 5,58

(ft) 18 3"

Fresh water tank capacity

(l) 1.110

(gal) 293,23

Fuel tanks capacity

(l) 4.000

(gal) 1056,69



2xD13-IPS1350 (2x735 Kw-2x1.000 HP)

Cruising speed

(Knots) 22

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/miles) 13,09 aprox.

(gal/miles) 3,46 aprox.

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/h) 288 aprox.

(gal/h) 76,08 aprox.

Technical features


Innovation is not a relative concept, it is Absolute

Imagine you are in the most glamour, up-to-date, complete and attended yachting event of the season. Imagine that you are wandering along the piers, after seeing so many hulls and decks, just searching for something never seen, something unexpected but charming and attractive. Suppose also that technology, modernity and optimization are your preferred keywords every […]

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