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50 FLY

Absolute 50 Fly, the absolute form of comfort.

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We make it Absolute

64 Fly

Yesterday Beauty was just a word. Today it’s an opera of genius and functionality: Absolute 64FLY.

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Very few people have the ambition to strive for the absolute. The people at Absolute, with their luxury yachts, are one such team. Absolute’s DNA integral to the name.

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REACHING FOR THE ABSOLUTE is an attitude that is translated in the quality of our yachts Made in Italy. Absolute means pleasure of cruising, respecting sea and on board safety. Your Absolute luxury boat surfs the sea in all direction.

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September 28, 2016

“Energia” è un concetto relativo. Absolute l’ha reso assoluto: 60 Fly!

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September 27, 2016

Domenica 25 Settembre, il Club Marina Cove (Hong Kong) ha ospitato un evento Absolute Weekend, grazie al nostro Dealer, Absolute Marine Ltd. Un’opportunità unica per vedere e provare l’Absolute 45 Fly, l’Absolute 52 Fly, l’Absolute Navetta 52, l’Absolute Navetta 58 e l’Absolute 60 Fly, primo esemplare in Asia. Clicca e guarda la Galleria Fotografica

September 26, 2016

Il mare è stato spettatore degli eventi della storia.
Il pittore Coccorante ne ha immortalato un istante con la sua immaginazione.

#AbsoluteYachts #Absolute #Yachts #MadeInItaly

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